In the entire history of our planet, no other living organism has learned to make fire and cook it's food except humans.


"Cooking is certainly unique to humans. There's no other species that does it. There's obvious reasons for that because we're the only ones that can make fire which is a pre-requisite."
Robert Foley, Professor of Human Evolution at the Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies, Cambridge. Common Ancestry Of Carnivores. Cats and Dogs evolved from the order Carnivora and as with all carnivores, have similiar Physiology and Anatomy for the consumption of Raw Meats.


Because our dogs and cats are carnivores and can’t cook to save their lives and for good reason. Heat destroys enzymes, the essence of life in foods. Heat (abv. 37°C)  also denatures enzymes, proteins, fats and nutrients essential for health, vitality and wellbeing.

Dentition: Teeth for ripping and gnawing. Jaws and shape of teeth prevent side to side movement for chewing that Herbivores and Omnivores require for eating vegetation.

Digestion: Dogs do not produce salivary Amylase and totally lack Cellulase enzymes for the breakdown of carbohydrates and plant fiber. Digestive tract is short and highly acidic (ph 1~2) to quickly digest Raw Meat which is higher in bacteria and parasites than vegetation.

Subtle differences between Dogs and Cats. Cats are obligate carnivores. Dogs are facultative carnivores.

Cats lack the enzyme Glucuronyl Transferases for Glucuronidation. The metabolism and removal of various pollutants, drugs, hormones, steroids and plant toxins (phytoalexins, phenols, terpenoids, etc)


Carnivores are great at using quality raw fats for energy and most don’t do well on carbohydrates. This is why you will never find any wheat, rice, grains, potatoes, soy, pea protein, gluten, artificial preservatives, synthetic vitamins or unnecessary additives and fillers in Raw Rawr. 

Raw Rawr mimics nature with all-natural ingredients (derived from animals deemed fit for human consumption); those ingredients are species-appropriate; it is free of additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients; and it is 100% raw.

Raw feeding is growing in popularity throughout the world as dog owners come to realise that modern 'convenience' dog foods - often made with foodstuffs rejected for human consumption, or with an excess of species-inappropriate ingredients like grains – may not be in the best interests of their pets. Many vets also share this view and are increasingly recommending a raw feeding approach because of the obvious benefits it has for dogs.

Raw Rawr combines the best of both worlds - the benefits of raw feeding with the convenience of an easy-to-store, easy-to-use product that can be feed to all dogs, from puppies to seniors.

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